Friday, October 14, 2005

Song Bird in Blue

A bird. I have never attempted a pastel painting focused on a bird as the subject. A bit mundane, but yet, completely differnt for me. I have had some requests to paint birds, and realized that I had never painted one in pastels. So I needed to try something first. Sure, I have drawn many birds with charcoal, pencil and colored pencil, just never pastel. It was an interesting process.

Sorry for no pictures of the process (do you guys even enjoy that? Lemme know), just did not do it for this. Plus, this painting was fixed to a board for most of the painting process, making the process of taking pictures (or in this case, scanning) rather cumbersome. I did not even use workable fix to layers the colors. Instead, I used increasing more "softer" pastels to achieve the same effect.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Song Bird in Blue
9x12, pastel on paper Posted by Picasa